Blank Space Magazine #1

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Issue #1 is a collection of eight personal portraits, created with the utmost attention to detail. Blank Space Magazine shows how creative people find open spaces and transform them into their own perfect workspaces. Tessa Koot talks with her powerful voice about her urge to use every empty piece of space. While Kim Haagen sees space as a means to determine her own speed. Sander Wassink talks with Rob van der Ploeg about blank spaces in the city and how, in such a place Sectie-C came into existence ten years ago. In the conversation Sander also poses the question, how to preserve the autonomous value of such a place as Sectie-C. Martens & Visser share how their workplaces grew simultaneously with their own development. Designer Job van den Berg plays with the rules of industry and finds space within them. Michela Castagnaro teaches us that you have to create your own place in the world, because it does not exist. Niels Hoebers talks about being in balance between his studio here at Sectie-C and his family life. Finally, Paul Heijnen gives an insight into his strategy to create his place as a designer.

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ISBN 9789082937206
Pages 175
Language English
Publication date 19-10-2018
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